Empowering Industrial
Enterprises with Data & AI

CognitivEdge accelerates Industrial X.0 transformations with data-driven methodologies,

unlocking untapped data potential through actionable and sustainable AI.

What We Do

Transforming Industrial Operations for Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability

CognitivEdge offers advanced DataOps and Enterprise AI software designed for industrial digital transformation. By transforming industrial data and utilizing domain-specific AI, including Generative AI, within industrial infrastructure and supply chains, we enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainable practices.

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How We Do It


Fostering and Empowering Industries through a Cutting-Edge Data and AI Foundation

CognitivEdge’s Data and AI architecture is built on a foundation of distributed methods and open architecture principles, offering the flexibility of PaaS deployment while maintaining the simplicity of SaaS onboarding. This ensures your freedom of choice and eliminates vendor lock-in.

Values and Benefits to the Customer

Industrial Data-Driven AI Automation at Scale

Accelerate your business towards a data-driven future.

Reduce Downtime and Revenue Loss

Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Reduce Maintenance and OPEX Costs

Increase Production Efficiency and Forecasting

Attain Accelerated ESG Goals


Recognized by Industry Leading Partners